Data Analysis

data analysis

A commitment to an innovative future In recent years the world has come to be assisted by data, and so today, technology and information are rapidly changing the way organizations operate, where each management and decision is implemented based on the analysis of this information. In fact, one of the innovative advances in managing such […]

Operational Digital Transformation

operational digital transformation

How to make the most out of it Context: Many companies need technological upgrades due to the obsolescence of their equipment, high spare parts costs, standardization of their processes or systems, difficulty to interconnect the operation with more modern systems, among many other reasons. However, a migration of technology without an analysis of the context, […]

Application of Agile Software Development Methodologies on MES Systems

Agile software

Traditionally, the world of software development is comprised of several paradigms, methodologies, and concepts focused on building quality products that are within the three typical restrictions described in the main project management guides: scope, time, and cost. Software development projects are characterized by high uncertainty, where the schedule projections are almost never met, even though […]

Augmented Reality, is a reality

Digital transformation through disruptive technologies enables companies to effectively maintain differentiation and competitiveness in a rapidly and constantly evolving world and markets. One of the technologies that has generated the most echo in manufacturing companies is augmented reality and here we will explain some reasons. What is augmented reality? Augmented reality (AR) is a technology […]

Which is the right methodology to follow during a project?

Wich the best project methodology?

As a Project Manager, there is a big responsibility when a client and a project are assigned. There are a lot of challenges, unknown situations and risks that you must manage. Planning the project, keeping the stakeholders engaged and managing the team are some of the important things to consider.  In most of the projects, […]

MES for Dummies

When performing projects for manufacturing companies, there is a word that has been getting trendy through the years, Manufacturing Execution Systems, also known as MES, but ¿What does it mean? To understand what MES is, first we should know what ISA 95 is. An international standard that indicates that there are fourth levels of action when we talk about manufacturing, […]

Business Analysis in Agile Projects

Analysis of business needs have been around for over three decades. Through time it has been known by different names and done distinctively. Recently, we have seen standards developed to discover the necessities of the client, these activities are referred as business analysis. For that reason, commercial analysis is the process where the business needs […]

How are Digital Twins improving industry development?

Are you already familiarized with the Digital Twin concept? I bet you’ve heard about it sometimes; but, do you really know what it refers to? In general terms, digital twins seek to take physical reality and expand it to the digital world. What is really a digital twin? Well, it can be considered as a digital […]

Innovation: The Key to Success

The Cali Chamber of Commerce has highlighted Omnicon’s work and commitment in the informative space of its Crecer magazine. The central theme of the publication “Omnicon: with a focus on results” is the company’s trajectory in the software industry and the growth it has achieved since its foundation, as well as the digital transformation that […]

Committed to the development of Colombian industry at the international level

As part of an initiative to promote Colombia’s export culture, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, together with Procolombia, launched the Fabricas de Internacionalización program in which Omnicon SA participates as the main Colombian services and talent exporter, leading #transformacionndigital e #industria40 initiatives. In Casa de Nariño, where we had the opportunity to be […]