We understand that technology is not the goal but instead is the driver to achieve goals; for this reason, we developed a framework in which our consultants understand the current state of your business. Identifying the gaps associated to your goals and designing not only technological solutions, but all the possible solutions that can help closing those gaps.

We include three essential components in our framework: people, assets and processes.

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customer success journey

Customer Success Journey

This is our “Digital Transformation Consultancy Program”. We analyze the complete business environment –operations, technological needs, business goals, process automation opportunities and people behavior – to help our clients transform their business to be competitive in the new age.

The Customer Success Journey gathers different components from our consultancy programs: Operation Consulting, Enterprise Architecture Review, Infrastructure Analysis (OT/IT convergence), Industrial Networks Review and Change Management Process.

process automation consulting

Process Automation Consulting

This is our “Automation Consultancy Program”. We understand the business priorities and objectives, assess the existing control systems (PLCs, SCADAs, etc.), and design improvement solutions based on leading practices and standards (ISA, IEC, Namur, GAMP, etc.). As well vendor recommendations.

operation consulting

Operation Consulting

This is our “MOM Consultancy Program”. We document the manufacturing operations identifying the non-value-added activities, misuse of technology, rework, data flow and disconnections. In order to design improvement solutions based on leading practices and justifying their implementation.

technology consulting

Technology Consulting

This is our “Connectivity Consultancy Program”. We understand the Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) requirements and restrictions, analyze the enterprise architecture, review the existing infrastructure and develop an assessment of the cybersecurity in order to determine what are the needs to support the required digital transformation and improve the enterprise connectivity.

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