About us

Omnicon is committed to the success of our clients by delivering innovative solutions with a high level of quality and excellence. We are an engineering company that operates worldwide, with knowledge of operations, processes and information technologies. That integrates together the technological and sustainable development of the industry.

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Culture and model

We have developed a model to understand the client’s needs, challenges and objectives, designing holistic transformation projects and implementing the right solutions. To achieve this, we have a diverse and multidisciplinary human talent that is willing to give the best version of themselves and also propose innovative ideas using our more useful strength: the power of ingenuousness. This allows us, to be fully open to develop different and original solutions. Our goal is the success of our clients, creating long-term relationships.

Our team

We do it possible together.

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We are a multidisciplinary team with more than 10 different professions. This diversity of profiles allows us to understand the needs of all our clients and their businesses, helping them to achieve their goals through solutions that connect people, processes and technology.

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Applications Development

We are a creative team with knowledge and experience that solve operational challenges in an innovative way, our team will help you with your Digital Transformation. We are known for being a young group with a spirit of companionship, that works as a team to resolve different problems, adapting to changes and assuming each challenge with a high level of responsibility and leadership.

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Experience and talent come together to create, design, build and innovate. We work with commitment and passion to achieve our clients’ dreams, consolidating a long-term relationship of trust. We make the success of our clients possible, by ensuring an optimal and efficient performance of the processes through technological updates, industrial automation, transformation of productive processes, cybersecurity and convergence of industrial networks.


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We are a multidisciplinary team, in which we all contribute our experience in data management and analysis. With the purpose of discovering useful information, highlight conclusions and based on the acquired knowledge: to forecast, optimize and support decision making to achieve the business objectives defined by our clients.


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At Omnicon, we’re all part of the Innovation Team. We firmly believe that with the talent of our people and the challenges both internal and external (from our customers), we all grow. We count with innovation leaders in the different areas of our company that make possible to execute our innovation projects to transform the world.

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Customer Success

We are a team of top-level consultants focused on listen and validate the needs, pains, desires or improvement opportunities of our clients, in order to find the best solution together. Good communication, good understanding and a great technological background guarantee the success of our customers.

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Dream it, we make it possible