Smart manufacturing

We turn your data in actionable information across the value chain.

We contribute to Drive Efficiency, Risk Reduction, and Agile Decision-Making through an intelligent, real-time orchestration and optimization of your processes. Fueled by the capture, integration and analysis of information within the factories and across the value chain at all enterprise levels.

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operational intelligence

Operational Intelligence

Our practices’ target is to improve the operations of your enterprise based on extensive, high- level descriptive, predictive analytics and visualization methods with the relevant business information to make timely and adequate decisions in a changing environment. Our portfolio includes: Integrated Reports, Data Collection and Modeling, Predictive Analytics.

connected factory

Connected Factory

We incorporate sophisticated integration capability enabling optimized convergence between manufacturing and business systems based on standards for M2M, A2A and B2B. Driving the path to securely connect people, processes and assets. Our portfolio includes interaction and connection of: Production Systems, Enterprise Systems and Cybersecurity.


manufacturing process management

Manufacturing Process Management

We provide high-level experienced engineering combined with cost-effective solutions and enhanced processes to manage and control the operations. This helps increase production efficiency, reduce and identify errors and obtain valuable information through the following capabilities: Production Management, Model-based Manufacturing Operations Management, Performance Management, Production Tracking and Production Scheduling.


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

We provide analysis, installation and integration of IIOT devices and platforms for efficient data acquisition with the highest cybersecurity standards, enhanced with all the connectivity protocols for production assets (machines, sensors, PLC´s, SCADAs, historians, etc).

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