We went outside the definition of conventional process automation by reinventing the concept to meet customer expectations and requirements in the information, people, assets and process revolution. We have moved from the computer era, where the PLC and its decisions were revolutionary, to a new era where autonomous systems, intelligent sensors, information, data, safety and integration are the pillars of process automation.

Our services in the Automation Business Unit are divided into 3 major capabilities:

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design and documentation

Design and Documentation

We analyze the business requirements and design industrial applications in the fields of supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), machine applications (OEM), controllers, processes, networks and security in three different levels: conceptual, basic and detailed. We also define and document customized guidelines that fit specific customer requirements based on industrial leading practices, vendor recommendations and standards to optimize and maintain control systems.

Our Design and Documentation Capability is composed by: Design, Documentation and Standardization.



We execute automation projects and services for different industry sectors and process types (batch, continuous, discrete) based on engineering leading practices. We work closely with our clients to perform early validations of each deliverable against all the design requirements before the implementation and during the commissioning. We use the process simulation (Digital Twin) as a differentiator that allows us to capture design errors and perform
very efficient start-ups. Our Execution Capability is composed by: Process Automation, Infrastructure, Alarm Management, Historization and Reporting.


Support and maintenance

Our projects are supported by the best human resource after their implementation. Additionally, we provide support to existing systems to solve any issue or problem presented. It is also in our hands to provide a complete evaluation of the systems in the enterprises and generate maintenance plans, which can minimize the unplanned incidents in the plant and therefore lower the rate of production downtime due to problems of obsolescence and bad configuration.

Our Support and Maintenance Capability is composed by: On-site Support, Remote Support, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Urgencies Attendance and Automation Talent, Outsourcing.

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