Innovation: The Key to Success


Innovation: The Key to Success

The Cali Chamber of Commerce has highlighted Omnicon’s work and commitment in the informative space of its Crecer magazine. The central theme of the publication “Omnicon: with a focus on results” is the company’s trajectory in the software industry and the growth it has achieved since its foundation, as well as the digital transformation that arises with the creation of Ibisa, the first Industry 4.0 platform developed in Latin America.

In this interview our CEO Eduardo Acosta points out, “In the framework of the program, Omnicon works in three dimensions: the defense of the current business from innovation, the construction of the future and a third dimension that is the ‘Hackaton’, generation of disruptive ideas that will take the company to a new level”. The above refers to the Innovation Systems program, which is executed by the Chamber of Commerce of Cali.

“It’s about going beyond engineering, to enhance that knowledge with soft skills, to listen to managers, but also to go to the basic source, to the operators and technicians of the industrial plants, to analyze that data, to study the best ways to approach it and to propose an operation model that maximizes and improves the current. This is how we gain relevance among our industrial clients,” emphasizes our manager. We achieve this through our lines of business, offering specialized professionals and experience in each of our delivered services.

We invite you to read the full article on the website of the Chamber of Commerce of Cali.