Omnicon Debuts Digital Transformation Service at Premier Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium, Building Strategic Partnerships and Leading Industry Innovation


Omnicon Debuts Digital Transformation Service at Premier Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium, Building Strategic Partnerships and Leading Industry Innovation

At the FA&M Symposium, Omnicon unveiled its Digital Transformation Enabler Program for making valuable industry connections, gaining insights into emerging trends, and contributing to the advancement of technological solutions in the food & beverage industry.

Bonita Springs, Florida – November 9, 2023Omnicon, a global industry-leading system integrator of industrial automation, smart manufacturing, consulting, and data management solutions, today announced its successful participation in the 2023 Food Automation & Manufacturing (FA&M) Symposium which is used as a venue to launch the company’s digital transformation solution, DT Enabler Program.

“The Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium brings together the best in the business,” stated Daniel Gomez, COO at Omnicon. “Our first-time attendance marked an important milestone for Omnicon, emphasizing our commitment to engaging directly with our customers and the industry. We value the opportunity to establish connections with key stakeholders and look forward to forging innovative partnerships in the future.”

During their participation at the 2023 FA&M Symposium, Omnicon established valuable connections with key stakeholders in the industry, laying the foundation for potential strategic partnerships and mutually beneficial alliances. They also gained in-depth insights into emerging industry trends and consumer preferences, equipping Omnicon with the knowledge to tailor their offerings in line with evolving market demands and customer expectations.

Launch of the Digital Transformation Enabler (DT Enabler) program.

Omnicon unveiled its DT Enabler Program, which aims to leverage cutting-edge technology and automation to enhance key drivers that propel manufacturing companies towards digital transformation. A holistic methodology developed from their global manufacturing experience, the program features a deep analysis of current operations, production processes, and input from plant personnel and assets. This approach forms the basis for effective digital transformation, offering manufacturers a well-structured roadmap for implementation. In addition to establishing connections and introducing the DT Enabler Program, Omnicon gained insights into emerging industry trends and consumer preferences.

“The connections Omnicon established with key industry stakeholders and the insights we gained into emerging trends were invaluable,” Jose Montoya, Digital Transformation Consulting Manager at Omnicon, stated. “It reaffirms our commitment to driving innovation in the Food and Beverage sector. We look forward to furthering our engagement with our consumer base and forging strategic partnerships that will shape the future of our industry.”

“The insights from our DT Enabler Program exemplify our commitment to transforming the Food and Beverage sector”, Silvana Dominguez, Marketing Manager at Omnicon, stated. “We’re excited to deepen customer engagement and create strategic partnerships shaping the industry’s future through our experience-based methodology.”

Hosted by Food Engineering, the yearly symposium and expo emphasizes the need for sustainability solutions within the food manufacturing sector. The event, attended by automation leaders, plant managers, and VPs from the top manufacturing companies, puts environmental engineering practices at the forefront, exploring how these practices can be leveraged to enhance efficiency, conserve resources, and reduce costs. The premier industry event enables key stakeholders to gather and gain insights from manufacturing and supplier leaders, offering a two-day program that includes an expo, educational sessions, and intimate networking opportunities.

Omnicon’s successful debut at the Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium reinforces the company’s dedication to innovation and engagement with its consumer base, solidifying its position as a leading player in the food and beverage industry.

About Omnicon

Founded in 1992, Omnicon has quickly expanded from humble beginnings into an impressive, industry-leading system integrator with a large presence in the United States, Latam, and 65 countries worldwide. Omnicon specializes in digital transformation solutions, engineering, process control, manufacturing operations management, IIoT, and data analytics.  Omnicon is a leader in successfully solving automation and production challenges that renowned manufacturing facilities face in industries such as food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining & cement, oil & gas, and utilities.

In addition to being a Rockwell Automation Gold Integrator and an AVEVA System Integrator, Omnicon is proudly a CSIA Certified system integrator and member of the Automation Alliance Group. For more information, check out Omnicon’s website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.